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As we have seen SARS-CoV-2 infection after COVID-19 vaccine, this study assesses characteristics of hospitalized patients among vaccinated COVID-19 cases with pre-existing cardiovascular diseases (CVD).


Patients >18 years with a history of CVD who became COVID-19 positive after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine were identified from the N3C database, where patient electronic health records data were contributed from 33 institutions across the U.S. from March 2020-September 2021. The odd ratios of requiring hospitalization adjusted by age, gender, race, ethnicity, and Charlson Comorbitidy Index (CCI) were obtained. Adjusted Odd Ratio (aOR) and confidence intervals were reported in Table 1.


We analyzed 4,124 patients (45.6% female, 8.7% Hispanic/Latino, and 10.3% Black). The odds of hospitalization increased with each point of CCI (aOR:1.15 [1.13-1.18];p<0.001). Black patients were more likely to be hospitalized (aOR:1.63[1.31-2.03];p<0.001) compared to White patients. Patients aged 45-60 years had lower (aOR:0.72[0.59-0.88]; p=0.001) decreased odds of hospitalization compared age > 60, though younger age groups did not have significant reduction in the odd of hospitalizations (Table 1). Table 1- Adjusted odd ratio of hospitalization for CVD and all vaccinated COVID-19 positive patients.


There was a disparity in the hospitalizations among vaccinated, CVD patients. Black race and higher comorbidity burden had increased the odd of hospitalization.


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